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About Us 33

Dear friends.




The primary motivation for 1PekingRoad.com is to create a Hong Kong based audiophile website with a regional appeal for Asia Pacific. But the real motive underneath is we are music lovers with way too much spare time looking to hunt down all the ‘bad-ass’ audio systems in the region. Due to the average age of our members, we can travel up to 5 hours flight distance for auditions. Capable of providing our own accommodations, food and medication but civilized behavior is out of the question! On a disclosure note, we are a non-profitable organization (think of us as just bad with money), and likely will remain as such. However, we see no reasons why we can’t promote good audio products while having fun. The flip side of the coin is we do not take advertising money from anyone, 100% self financed. We’ll speak out on all products (or anything else for that matter) as we see & hear it.


The culture on 1PekingRoad was, is and always will be one with no hi-fi God and definitely, no self-inflated egos! We are true believers of the principle BESD (Big Ego Small Dick!). Another word, don’t embarrass yourself while torturing others. As for audio rigs, our minds & ears are open to anything from ‘bangs-for-the-buck’ to ‘multi-million dollar’ sound systems. We are far more interested in those who can squeeze every drop of what the rig has to offer regardless of cost, relatively speaking. And of course, most importantly, it’s all about music and the ‘art’ in reproducing it.


Thank you for visiting our website. It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do making it.