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Ouch, too big, but I guess I got it now.
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Copy the URL of your picture to be pasted on the lower box of the two URL entries down the page. The first one is for posting of links.  
Proper translations are on their way to make life easier for English speaking friends.  
Sorry for the inconvenience!  
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Thanks, what`s the secret?
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let me help you
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Oh man, it doesn`t work, one more try:  
Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]
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Here is a photo of the prototype, hope it works:  
SoulSonic speakers & everything else...
Hello everyone,  
due to popular demand (oops!?) I`m opening this thread and announcing the hunt season is open!  
Kris to answer your questions:  
1) yes the red bracket is actually a colored wood, the first prototypes were made of veneered beech multiply wood,  
then I got the idea of offering them in various colors, what you see on the webpage are actually computer renderings  
of the final product which is slightly redesigned version of the first prototypes and the subwoofer you see is meant as an add-on only, for the largest spaces (rooms). The cables are hidden in the backspine.  
I have removed the photos of the veneered prototype speakers as the final version is modified considerably.  
It is quite possible we will go to thicker front plate and spine as the new woofers weight 10kg each!  
2) In listening tests I try to throw at them the most complex music material that I can find, usually some dynamic classical or jazz music, choirs, dynamic piano, drums, vocals, flutes and yes, some Chinese traditional and modern instrumental music, examples:  
- Asian Percussion (AGP20) Avantgarde project  
- YIM HOK-MAN - Master Of Chinese Percussion  
- WU Zhaoji - Wumen Qin Music  
to name just a few. When listening I try to evaluate the characteristic tonal color of instruments and voices, weight, soundstage height, width depth, dynamics,transparency and of course how involving they sound (hush, Dr. feikeung!)  
After the preliminary test I go through my collection of music that I love the most, a variety of genres actually.  
As for the gear, now you got me, I use computer as a source, M-Audio Delta 410 soundcard, amp is made by my friend Robi and is one of quite simple topology with one triode for the preamp section and Darlington transistors at the output section, but sometimes I also use amps from my friends (a special version of Gamut, for instance).  
3) These speakers were made for a friend of mine who had an idea to sell them commercially, but eventually he quit.  
They have HiVi Research drivers; planar magnetic midrange and tweeter and 8" cone for the bass, augmented by a 10" Dayton passive radiator at the back.  
I doubt we will ever make them, but I am open to any suggestions and requests.  
thekong, I agree with everything you said, one needs to find the proper balance between all the preferred parameters. I have used 20mm wide ribbons in the first prototype and while they sounded incredibly open, I missed a bit of "weight" or "body" to the sound of instruments and therefore decided to use 25mm wide ribbons, which sound considerably more natural, with proper weight across its whole working spectrum. As replacing a ribbon is no big deal, I could try to offer thicker ribbons too, if there will be demand.  
To be able to introduce my speakers to your area is my top priority.  
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