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回覆 (120): SoulSonic in HK
Hello everyone,  
I hope you are all safe and sound!  
Here in Slovenia, we are in a kind of hibernating state.  
Hope this situation passes soon but probably unlikely. Oh, well...  
Anyway, wishing you all the best and stay safe!  
回覆 (122): Visiting AtomicLab852
Hello limage and everyone,  
I am really honored by (reportedly) such a large number of visitors from the 1Peking Road!  
Limage, thank you for the great photos and kindest words, really appreciated!!!  
A big thanks also to Ray, David and Vince!  
All best,  
回覆 (121): Visiting AtomicLab852
I feel obliged to express, on behalf of the PR1 gang, our heartfelt gratitude for Ray’s warm hospitality and David’s very informative details about the speaker and the associated driving equipment. An afternoon very fruitfully spent!  
The speaker in fact looks more beautiful than pictures may portray. The sound is detailed, clean and revealing, veritably a breath of fresh air among the current crop of modern hi-end speakers.  
The inquisitive crowd  
The beautiful electronics  
P2030220 COPY  
回覆 (120): Visiting AtomicLab852
Pre-audition meal to make sure people are reasonably fed but not overly charged before we audition the innovative and highly elaborate speaker from Miro.  
回覆 (119): SoulSonic in HK
Hello Limage, Ray, everyone,  
I`m glad the semantics are cleared up and that music will be served on Saturday!  
"Wow, your music room is real romantic!"  
I gave the same comment when I saw this photo :-)  
...but I must admit I prefer to listen even in darker ambient.  
All best,  
回覆 (118): SoulSonic in HK
Morning Ray, thanks for your kind understanding. If ever I need to express this Chinese politeness in fusion style, I would prefer your version of see-hing to the currently popular c-hing and it's certainly far more appropriate than is Ching.  
Wow, your music room is real romantic!  
回覆 (117): SoulSonic in HK
Hi Limage  
Apologise for the misunderstanding that I've created. I didn't know 1 Peking road is popular among foreigners, and didn't know foreigners are still using "Ching" to disgrace the Chinese as well.  
Just in case foreign readers are going over my post, let me explain the "c-hing" to them. It is actually pronounced as "see-hing", 師兄; it means "Brother", a word usually meant to show respect to elderly or someone who is more experienced than you do. Feel free to google translate from here:  
This term is more a local slang among the forums in HK, but I shall avoid it in this forum from now on.  
Of course, Ching is an very old musical instrument from Asia :)  
Looking forward to see you soon!  
回覆 (116): SoulSonic in HK
Hi Ray,  
It's very kind of you to arrange a privileged audition for PR1 members. We are certainly excited to hear Miro's masterpiece since this is an occasion we've been waiting eagerly for almost 4 years!  
We have quite a number of overseas readers and please allow me to comment on the word "Ching" which you seem to have used quite freely. It is a very derogatory word used by nasty foreigners to address the Chinese. We know what you mean but foreign readers certainly fail to appreciate this self-mocking passion.  
回覆 (115): SoulSonic in HK
Good morning Kris & everyone,  
"... the most anticipated cosmic event of the year."  
Ha ha, thanks!  
Thanks also to Ray for a very nice introduction! I think you all will be highly surprised what else he has to show you besides the speakers. His crew is simply...dangereous! :-)  
Got to go...something new is cooking here as well... :-)  
Looking forward to meet you all!  
回覆 (114): SoulSonic in HK
Hello Chings!  
Allow me to give you a brief introduction.  
I am Ray from AtomicLab852, a local distributor and manufacture of Audio Equipments. We are a team assembled by a bunch of freaks coming from some very unique and professional industries. By applying our knowledge into audio products, we are able to create some pretty special and advance equipments that do not exist in the world, yet, aka coming soon.  
However, none of us know how to design a speaker nor have the interest on designing one (too complicated & too lazy & too stupid). So, to strengthen our line up, we started our search of the "ultimate speaker" with the criteria of "Open Baffle" and "Line Source"; consequently, SoulSonic Speakers came up on our radar in no time. After some email exchanges, we sent our HiFi Guru, David, to Slovenia to meet up with Miro for an audition.  
David was very satisfied with the sound quality of SSS, and found them to be quite special and definitely in the top tier among the big boys. TBH, it is pretty rare to find a speaker that sounds good and looks cool these days.  
So that is how we found Miro and now we are working together as a team!  
It will be our honour to organise an audition of the SSS in our showroom for all the 1 Peking Road Chings! Any suggested date and time? We prefer it to be on Saturday due to a tighter noise control during the week days.  
The address of our Showroom:  
Room 1311, Houston Centre, 63 Mody Road, TsimShaTsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.  
If you are coming by MTR, it will be a 45 seconds walk from the TST Station P2 Exit.  
Looking forward to see you guys soon.  
(P.S. we also provide DXD music recording service)
回覆 (113): SoulSonic in HK
Morning Miro,  
Wonderful news!  
The Impact hitting HK no doubt be the most anticipated cosmic event of the year, Ray soon be a very busy man : )  
I, and feel save to speak for many others here, are so looking forward to meeting you.  
Again Miro, congratulations!!  
回覆 (112): SoulSonic in HK
Thanks Derek2A3, looking forward to see you too!
回覆 (111): SoulSonic in HK
Congratz Miro. Looking forward to seeing you & listening to your IMPACTs
回覆 (110): SoulSonic in HK
Hi thekong,  
yes there is, Ray will provide the address soon.
回覆 (109): SoulSonic in HK
Hi Miro,  
This is very good news! Is there a showroom open for audition?  
回覆 (108): SoulSonic in HK
Hello Kris, hello everyone,  
it`s been a long time since we have exchanged a few words. It is my greatest pleasure to inform you that a pair of my Impact speakers has landed in Hong Kong. Ray Lok of Atomiclab852 and Serenity Audio (also a distributor for the Swiss Merging Technologies, professional studio equipment) has become my Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China distributor.  
Hopefully we will meet this year!  
All the best,  
回覆 (107): SoulSonic Impulse
The GM 400 is perfectly stable even with very low impedance, we are sure that can drive directly the medium ribbon without problems.
回覆 (106): SoulSonic Impulse
Hello thekong,  
yes, in that active XO system the speakers were driven in a vertical biamping manner and actively (no passive crossover): one stereo amp for the ribbons and one stereo amp for the woofers.  
The ribbons have a dedicated transformer interface which raises the impedance of the ribbon. I have tried many ways to raise the impedance of the ribbon (resistors, laminated ribbons), but after I have found the right core material, there was simply no contest anymore.  
Prior to Rowlands the owner has had four Spectron monoblocks and we even tried to drive the ribbons straight with no transformer, but the sound was rolled off in the highs.  
The Apogee midrange ribbon has low sensitivity (because of the wide gap and ferrite magnets) so I`m not sure whether you could use the type of transfomer that I`m using. Perhaps indeed the better alternative would be to use a dedicated amp that is able to drive the low impedances. Years ago a schematic was published in the Elektor magazine, I can send it to you, if you wish. There was one suitable amp produced, but it seems the company is gone now: Apogee Root 160c  
Perhaps Andrea is able to make for you a custom low voltage version of the GM400 amp that would be able to drive your ribbons directly?  
回覆 (105): SoulSonic Impulse
Thanks, VACUUMLAB,  
can you send me your email such that I can contact you directly for support. My email is [email protected]  
回覆 (104): SoulSonic Impulse
Hi dkyyu and thanks for your support, we take te energy to go ahead and try to improve the products from people like you.  
We have customers that use the GM 20 with speakers with good sensitivity that never had change a tube since they buyed the amp, other ways, people that buyed the amp on the used market, without any notions about the fondamental electric parameters and without the help of a skilled dealer, if they has matched the GM 20 with very low impedence and sensitivity speakers had broken it in few listening sessions.  
The service has never ceased during the years for the people that sent their devices in Modena and me, Mariani or other person involved in GRAAF has always responded to costumers with help, suggestion, schematics, spare parts and whatever is in our possibility.  
回覆 (104): SoulSonic Impulse
Hello Kris,  
thank you very much for your kindness.  
The system on the photo is actually the owner`s rig located in Stavanger, Norway. The preamp is a Trafomatic Reference One and the Impact LE speakers are driven by the Rogue Audio M-180 tube monoblocks.  
The speaker cabinets on ech side belong to the Rythmik servo subs which are used under 40 Hz.
回覆 (103): SoulSonic Impulse
I have both GM20 in stereo and a pair of Modena in mono operation. So far so good,  
I am so glad to hear if rebuild service is available in future .
回覆 (102): SoulSonic Impulse
Hi kris.  
Thanks so much for your welcome.  
The GM 20 and the Modena configuration (that is a GM 20 paralleled not bridged) are remained in the heart of people to such an extent that we are seriously thinking to rebuild some units. We'll see...
回覆 (101): SoulSonic Impulse
Hi Miro, Andrea,  
In that active Xover system, did the Graaf (or Rowland) amp drive the midrange/tweeter ribbon directly without the passive Xover? If positive, what is the impedance of the ribbon, and does it go through a transformer/autoformer to raise the impedance?  
I am using the Apogee Fullrange with Pass Labs XVR1, and planning on making it 3 ways active! The major problem is the extremely low impedance of the midrange ribbon at around 0.25Ohm. I plan on using an autoformer, but it may be better if I can find an amp that can handle the low impedance!  
回覆 (100): SoulSonic Impulse
I have delivered the first pair of the Impact LE speakers  
Miro, hearty congratulations!  
 photo well-done-congratulations.jpg
回覆 (99): SoulSonic Impulse
Andrea works closely with Mr. Giovanni Mariani in the revitalized Graaf company.  
Andrea, pleasure to have you!  
ps: how I would love to add a pair of NOS Graaf GM20 Modena in my amp collection (appeared in many of my dreams). A wonderful compliment to both the Podium 0.5 dipole horn and perhaps even the Reference 3A MM de Capo...., what a musical trip it would be:-)  
 photo modena-1.jpg
回覆 (98): SoulSonic Impulse
Morning Gentlemen,  
Great photos of Miro's rig. What a lovely home!  
ps: which amp was used for the ribbons?  
pss: what kind of speaker cabinet is that sitting at the back (from the 2nd photo) ?  
回覆 (97): SoulSonic Impulse
Hello Andrea, Kris, everyone,  
just saw this today, but I see it was written the day I went back home from Norway - thank you for your kind words, Andrea.  
Andrea works closely with Mr. Giovanni Mariani in the revitalized Graaf company.  
Yes, we did try the new Graaf power amp and the upcoming tube preamp with the Impulse speakers and the sound was breathtaking to say the least. Actually Boris, the owner of the system, is still contemplating whether he should go for the all Graaf amplfication. It seems Graaf is able to make stunning examples of amplification in all types and working principles (OTL/OCL, OTP and transistor based).  
Please notice with the passive crossover I would have to adjust ribbon sensitivity in the ribbon interface, but it wasn`t enough time to perform it.  
As I mentioned, a few days back I have returned from my trip to Norway where I have delivered the first pair of the Impact LE speakers. The owner is a beta tester for PS Audio, among other things.  
回覆 (96): SoulSonic Impulse
Saw now this topic.  
I went to Slovenia in May to personaly know Miro after few e-mail chat and hear the top of the line SoulSonic Impulse.  
I found a real enthusiast and competent as well as affable person and his work immediately appeared to me really remarkable.  
We spent an entire day, trying a GM 400 prototype in an active multiamplification system, mouving it and one of the two Jeff Rowland alternatively on the ribbon and on the woofers.  
The resoult was fantastic, upper from my aspectation, Miro was able to minimize the well known problems of the dipole technology, the bass is one of the more fast and precise i ever heard, we listened at an embarrassing pressure for hours (i expected a SWAT irruption at any moment) so hight to fell physical sensations like bass into the stomach and under the feet and after that long session no one was tired.  
On the Impulses was also done a notable work of crossing of two different technologies like that one in the ribbon and in the woofer, for the first time in the mixing of two different technologies, i didn't assist at a race between turtles and rabbits.  
What about his ribbon? Simply silky and delicious and at the same time authoritative and able to vibrate a notable quantity of energy in the air.  
We also made a fast test of passive mono amplification, Miro provided at a top level passive xover, made with Mundorf and Duelund components. The result was a little less neat but more coherent in my opinion, most likely we had to spent a little more time to work on the Pass xover in the active configuration that originally work with two Jeff Rowland, in order to rebalance all the right levels.  
For me was one of the most interesting experience of the 2013.  
Notes on the system:  
CD player: Reimyo CDP 777  
Turntable: DIY from Eselab guys??  
Phono cartridge: Soundsmith SMMC  
Phono Preamp: Eselab SG Nibiru  
Line Preamp: Joule Electra - Marianne Electra LE  
Active xover: Pass Labs XVR1  
Power amps: GRAAF GM 400 - Jeff Rowland 625  


回覆 (95): SoulSonic Impact LE
Hello Kris,  
thank you for your kind observations! I thought I would able to reply sooner, but the things I wanted to show to you, still aren`t finished, hopefully tomorrow.  
Yes, indeed I`m learning the art of visual design and the results are showing it, I guess.  
The sound of the Impact is really exciting, but more on that later.  
Thank you for showing interest in my work!
回覆 (94): SoulSonic Impact LE
Morning Miro,  
From the links, the Impact " limited edition" (in aluminum) appears to have taken a big leap in attention-to-detail (and production cost!). Love the new braces with the generous use of countersink bolts, it reminds me a little of the old Jamo R909 (on Stereophile's A list), except the Impact LE uses heavier parts, and a more refine presentation. Plenty of sonic excitement ahead I'm sure!  
Again Miro, thanks for sharing your notes.   
SoulSonic Impact Limited Edition  
Jamo R909  
回覆 (93): Happy Snake Year 恭喜發財!!!
Almost forgot, the demo room:
回覆 (92): Happy Snake Year 恭喜發財!!!
Thanks, Kris!  
Khm..., Impact - well, since you`ve asked, now you will suffer from reading my extensive blah blah reply :-)  
OK, all things that I have designed around them to solve some issues proved right.  
In fact, these solutions proved so good that I have decided to incorporate them in an upscaled and downsized models as well. The bigger brother of Impact, the Immediacy should follow in a few months, the smaller one (no name as of yet) will follow somewhat later, the visual characteristics will be very familiar among these three, no doubt about it.  
Some more propaganda is in order:  
the Impact was developed to overcome some problems I have encountered with the now obsolete WAVE model. Firstly, because of the vertically spread 4 woofers, I got an upper bass suckout in smaller rooms. According to Allison (google Allison room dip) in small rooms, if you lift woofers or  
drag them away from corners, you get suckouts in the very critical 100 - 200 Hz area. By placing woofers close to the floor, this problem doesn`t occur or is much less pronounced. The WAVE model sounded thin and without proper weight in smaller rooms, but good in bigger ones. Just in case someone would put them in a smaller room, I have developed a special crossover that took care of this problem, but it was bulky and expensive (each speaker needed triple terminals, plus outboard crossover box which also needed 2-in, 6-out ). It was obvious the WAVE concept wasn`t practical and something better had to be discovered. Another thing, by placing the ribbon on one side of the speaker, I got less baffle reinforcement than by placing it in the middle of the baffle. In practical terms this means that WAVE and IMPULSE are (were) slightly recessed in the mids (about 2 - 3db between 700 and 3000 Hz) which gives somewhat more distant perspective, or better depth if you wish and such tonality and stereo perspective is what a lot of people really love. It`s more laid-back than up-front.  
The next problem with WAVE was that it had to be placed away from the back wall, say 3 or more meters in order to sound relaxed as otherwise the reflections from the back wall were to strong and gave a "shouty" character. There are certain diffusors and acoustic curtains that can take care of that, but it was hard to predict how many people will be willing to use them and since I wanted to avoid bad sound in case of bad room conditions, I decided to not make the WAVE model anymore, because quite simply, the Impact is a lot better speaker. Of course, the dipole speaker placement according to Limage is still the best thing to bring out the best in these speaker types, but Impact in general is just slightly less problematic when placed closer to the back wall (two feet is minimum though). I do use some toe-in, according to the listening situation, if needed.  
So the IMPACT was intentionally developed to overcome all of the above mentioned problems. Firstly, the ribbon is placed in the middle of the (waveguide shaped) baffle and that, among other things, ensures symmetrical horizontal power response, up to 8db higher efficiency in the lower mid frequency spectrum, more forward and less backward radiated energy and if you look from the top perspective you can notice that because of the specific waveguide (somewhat similar to horn) shape, the soundwaves from the back of the ribbon have less chance to reach the listener, because the plexi glass waveguide is dispersing them to the left and right. The waveguide itself is deep enough to contribute to efficiency, but on the other hand shallow enough not to cause the annoying HOMs (higher order modes) of the typical deep horns.Since the woofers are mounted close to the floor, there is no danger the smaller room will "eat" the critical upper bass information. The woofers are also placed under angle so that the lower frequencies do not directly hit the back wall, which would cancel the bass to some degree, if placed very close to the back wall. Theory also says that if the woofer is close to the floor, an acoustic mirror will appear, which means that with Impact, it`s almost like each speaker has 4 woofers, not 2 (well, almost).  
After all these demands and requirements were met - out came the IMPACT model. So, no, it wasn`t merely a design study in odd aesthetics - every thing is made the way it is for acoustic reasons, but it looks like acoustics and aesthetics go hand in hand - at least in this case and, finally, these speakers look like no other.  
I also think you haven`t heard a dipole perform with such a bass slam and SPL capabilities...well, it was hard to resist not saying it :-(  
Right now I am working on a simple trick that would allow to turn the pure dipole nature of the Impacts to be transformed into a cardioid dipole type and this in turn would mean that they would work down into the deep bass even in very small rooms.  
Also, the Impact Limited Edition (aluminum base) is in the works for some customer.  
I have just opened my demo room where one can hear the Impacts under pretty good conditions and if anyone of you guys happen to fly nearby, you`re all very welcome! I know, I know, distances....  
OK, sorry for vasting so much space, all best,  
回覆 (91): Happy Snake Year 恭喜發財!!!
Miro, your beautifully written Chinese New Year greetings leaves me no choice but desperately curious on the latest news from SoulSonic. Love to know more!  
ps: How's your new model "Impact" doing?  
回覆 (90): Happy Holidays!
> I intend to pick up the Emir Kusturica box set in person, thanks!  
Looking forward to it!!!  
回覆 (89): Happy Holidays!
Dr. Feikeung,  
I intend to pick up the Emir Kusturica box set in person, thanks!  
A very happy and prosperous New Year 2012 to you too!  
回覆 (88): Happy Holidays!
Good to hear from you.  
Your Emir Kusturica box set is still awaiting your collection.  
Wishing you a most prosperous 2012!!!  
Chair and Professor Emeritus  
1PekingRoad for the Mentally Handicapped (a sub-division of  
回覆 (87): Happy Holidays!
sorry, one more try:  
回覆 (86): Happy Holidays!
Dear Kris, dear all,  
thank you very much for your incredible kindness! Indeed it seems we will finally meet in the upcoming year.  
To all of you and your beloved ones, we wish you a happy, prosperous, successful and healthy New Year 2012!  
Miro, Jasna, Timi, Nusa & Zorro
回覆 (85): Happy Holidays!
Check it out.
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