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回覆 (680): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Yes yes, you guy got me excited ar! Home early, I am going to put my Le Cid on and then Danese Macabre. After that, if my CEO has not start screaming at me to low the volume, I am going to put Ben Hur on to finish off my evening with a half bottle Chateau Suduiraut 2005!  
Is Stan Goodall, same person as Stanely Goodall, the Sound Engineer?
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Mine is by Alexander Gibson, although Jean Martinon is certainly my favourite too.  
回覆 (678): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Have ...  
我以家開始都找多的jean martinon 的野, 自從聽完佢只saint Sean op40 dance macabre. 可能師父個日比我聽就係佢記板本,師父係米??
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I see! I see! Good Good! Anyway allow me please! Try if you havent got them. Both very good recording and very wide sound stage.  
Meyerbeer: Les Patineurs Ballet, Massenet: Le Cid conducted by Jean Martinon, Israel Phil, Decca SXL2021  
Debussy: Iberia, Ravel Vales Nobles Et Sentimentales...... conducted by Fritz Reiner, Chicago Symphony, RCA LSC-2222
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我個只係CD Rip ..  
我無話過caiman burana 好好聽,我話請師父放佢泥客下mlfan 之馬....  
今晚light 啲聼bill Evans trio 張waltz 4 debby ....
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Glad you like the Charles Dutoit. The Decca C. Dutoit only in CD, right? Anyway, not really a big fan of he Carmina. There is no simultaneous lines of melody.  
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G - String!  
Perlman on Brahms, I like ar! Kogan on Brahms, not very appealing to me lor! Kogan only use all steel strings in his Volin as opposed to most others which use a mix of guts and steel.  
Speaking of Brahms, I had a Brahms Piano Concerto 2. on last night. Only had time for the 1st and 2nd movement before my CEO scream me to bed! And guess which version i was playing?  
Ah Ah, a rare found! Richter with Chicago Symphony Orc lor! In RCA SB-2106. Made by Decca. Not RCA.
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Follow the recent discussion on Kogan and Brahms's violin Sonata, last night I listened to Brahms violin sonata no.1&2 performed by Kogan, Kogan have a angular, penetrating, bright and sharp tone which may not be suitable for Brahms, although Kogan try to soften his tone, the result still inferior to Oistrakh, Szeryng, Perlman, Zukerman, they really dip deep into the music and squeeze out the last ounce of passion behind the notes.  
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典解無人提呢個板本記? 我覚得呢只啲鼓仲過隱過只Telarc碟....
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Though the Telarc Carmina is a sought after LP by audiophile it is for sonic reason that I don't like this recording. When compared with the best of analog it revealed its early digital recording heritage, with loss of low level detail, restricted soundstage and compressed dynamics.  
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Thanks for your sharing, David! Didnt even know the reissue Telarc is in three vinyl sides. How? Slow down the music or switch to 45 rpm!  
To be honest, I am not particularly fond of the Carmina. Perhaps, I should try to spend a bit more time on some heavy weight orchestra music for now that I have a pair of big Leak speakers in my den.  
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3 LPs are all I have on Burana:-  
DG — Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin / Jochum  
DG — CSO / Levine and  
EMI — LSO / Previn recorded by the 2 Christophers  
Listened to them only once, never have the mind to listen again. Not my reference obviously.  
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Re: Carmina Burana  
Yes, KH: I like Fruhbeck du Burgos' EMI recording - with Lucia Popp - very much too!  
Yes, Bobui: unlike most other recordings that have the tympanis, Robert Shaw's - nicknamed "no-eye-see 冇眼睇"- features the BIG, POWERFUL and SCARY bass drum in 'O Fortuna', in both the beginning and in the reprise at the end, that was amazingly captured by Telarc's digital recording.  
And with the now very expensive vinyl version, the music is spread over 3 vinyl sides, an obvious sonic advantage over the competition.
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Jochum is I like best ar! For Carmina, you can benefit from a good recording. Robert Shaw Atlanta Sym Orchestra, Telarc. Good ar! I guess most high hands likely have one copy, shouldnt need to worry much if you want to have a go.
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For Burana please do not neglect the version by Frubeck de Burgos and New Philharmonia Orchestra made by EMI in 1965.  
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Speaking of Piano Concerto which has always been the best part of Classical recordings for me. I am always longing to listen to more of Fischer! No ar! not Annie. I mean Edwin on Mozart. Sure you know what I mean. Let me know if you know anyone willing to share their expereince with whatever they have on Edwin Fischer. Roast pork on me la!  
Sadly, these are the only two recordings in LP I have played by E. Fischer.
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嘩mlfan你真係仲左我落記burana 毒?不如你話比大家知你聽左邊幾個板本. Eugene 個板我都有,下次泥聽,不過就無氣無力啦:-(
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First of all I'm no 師傅; there is only one 師傅 in this forum. I'll recommend 3 renditions : Jochum (DGG) has the best cast and the production is supervised by Carl Orff himself. Ozawa with BSO (RCA) has the fullest and most natural sound, almost like a live recording. Muti (EMI) is the most aggressive and hi-fi and is one of the Recordings of the Century. Previn's used to be a classic as well but in my opinion it has been surpassed by many modern recordings.  
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Welcome, You cannot go wrong with Eugene Jochum's version on DG.
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小弟少聼交響樂, 最近聼左好幾個Carmina Burana 版本, 為證明自己是否感覺正確,虛心想請教一下,邊個樂團同指揮 Carl Orff “ Carmina Burana " 最爲各位師傅推介? Thanks Guys!  
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What am I listening to last night, Piano concerto no.1 by Rautavaara, his music sound like a modern Rachmaninov, always tuneful, but simlpy sound different from what you hear from romantic period.  
Einojuhani Rautavaara: Piano Concerto No. 1, Mvt. I  
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May be they have shift their focus to Blu ray already.
回覆 (661): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
SACD could sound divine given the right recordings. Unfortunately good recordings in this format  
are few and far between. If Philips had chosen to release their legendary recordings, the table could  
have turned quite differently.  
Is Philips still an active partner in SACD btw?  
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回覆 (659): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Renoir, yes, I am sure he is not on breast feeding when he was young.
回覆 (658): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
See! If it was in LP. I could at least frame the Auguste Renoir and put it up on the wall!
回覆 (657): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Yesterday, I think there will not be a bad Ravel recording, I am wrong, there is a SACD that I would take it out of my player after 3 minutes of listening, the playing were so immature and music simply cannot flow, and no atmosphere can be preceived.  
I start to realize why SACD don't sell, they focus on sonic only with little attention to music of performance.  
Stay away from this SACD, except for its nice impressionalist painting as cover.  
回覆 (656): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Before listening to my Ravel Piano music ( you may say I have some obsessive trait) again, I listened to a small dose of Ligeti, his early chamber works include his Cello sonata and 6 Bagatelles for Wind Quintet. Both works look back to the era of pre 1950, sound so similiar to Bartok and Kodaly, the strong rhythum have some element of jazz or blue, interesting and sound not too alien to my ear.  
Gyorgy Ligeti - 6 Bagatelles for Wind Quintet  
回覆 (655): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Angel pressings are shit versions of the EMI.  
Here is the story: New York  
A US based company employed me at the time (roughly 13 to 14 years ago) sent me to New York for a three months training. I was so up in the air thinking wowww, wahhh! My big time has come la! What a great opportunity for my career and plenty of shopping and Hi Fi store demo room visit. It was the first time for me landed in the "big apple". You know how it is when a wound man for the first time get excited with a woman? MILF lor!  
Not long after I arrived, I came across this little shop named The Academy not far away from the Fifth Avenue. Selling only LPs. Wowww, wahhh! And they were so dirt cheap compare with what we were paying in Hong Kong at the time. You know, the late 90's Hong Kong, "price no object" la!  
And you know what! It turn out that the job didnt fit me well and lasted only for about 9 months. And the records, emmmmm! Lucky they were mostly good conditions. Very likely because their original owners didnt even bother to hook them up on a record player. They were just so terrible sound.  
It was the first time I ever laid my hands on some Angels, Vox and RCA. And I can tell you that it was the last time lor! Some RCA were actually not bad, NO NO No, not the LSC ....... whatever dog la. Look for RCA made by Decca started with SB-...... they are not bad. Forget about Vox but then, some are still better than the Angels.  
Angels are Evil!  
回覆 (654): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Angel pressings are shit versions of the EMI. They pandered to the weird American tastes of the 60's which, incidentally, are not too different from the usual bias of audio newbies who always prefer lean texture and accentuated highs.  
Believe it or not, the story went something like this: because American speakers in general were bass heavy and perversely veiled from mid-range upwards (AR3a comes to mind), the original master tapes from UK had to be so modified that it would sound "right" with the majority of American home audio systems.  
And yet, two wrongs don't make one right. Whatever the reason therefore, don't buy the Angels.  
回覆 (653): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
I think modern tech can improve the overall quality but much of our less than ideal sound reproduction not only caused by the replay media such as CD, CAS or even LP. I have a tendency to believe that it is during the reocording and remaster stages that actually mess up things lor!  
I have this funny notion that if the recording industry cannot start working on a tech to record three dimentional sound (360 degree) from single mic and not require any futher remastering, then we will always be hearing more of the remastering skill and the recording set up than the music performer.  
Dont blame our CD, CAS or LPs lor and keep on telling us we need to spend MORE and change our source every other week lor! We just buy what can be bought from the street.
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It is sometimes difficult to realized how difficult Ravel piano is for a performer, Ravel have created a new sound compare with Chopin, Rachmaninov or any romantic composer before him.  
Mirror is one of Ravel's greatest work in which he explore diffierent sound of a piano, unforunately it is difficult to perceived it greatest on records as most recording cannot reproduce the wonderful atmospheric tone Ravel want to express, I hope modern technology can improve so that those microdynamic can be reproduced more truefully.  
Maurice Ravel - Miroirs  
Quote dsescription for youtube:  
"Miroirs" (Reflections) is a suite for solo piano written by French impressionist composer Maurice Ravel between 1904 and 1905, first performed by Ricardo Viñes in 1906.  
Around 1900, Maurice Ravel joined a group of innovative young artists, poets, critics, and musicians referred to as Les Apaches or "hooligans", a term coined by Ricardo Viñes to refer to his band of "artistic outcasts". To pay tribute to his fellow artists, Ravel began composing Miroirs in 1904 and finished it the following year. Movements 3 and 4 were subsequently orchestrated by Ravel, while Movement 5 was orchestrated by Percy Grainger, among other.  
Miroirs has five movements, each dedicated to a member of Les Apaches:  
1. "Noctuelles" ("Night Moths") - Dedicated to Léon-Paul Fargue, Noctuelles is a highly chromatic work, maintaining a dark, nocturnal mood throughout. The middle section is calm with rich, chordal melodies, and the recapitulation takes place a fifth below the first entry.  
2. "Oiseaux tristes" ("Sad Birds") - Dedicated to Ricardo Viñes, this movement represents a lone bird whistling a sad tune, after which others join in. The rambunctious middle section is offset by a solemn cadenza which brings back the melancholy mood of the beginning.  
3. "Une barque sur l'océan" ("A boat on the Ocean") - Dedicated to Paul Sordes, the piece recounts a small boat as it sails upon the waves of the ocean. Arpeggiated sections and sweeping melodies imitate the flow of ocean currents. It is the longest piece of the set, and, with the exception of Alborada del Gracioso, the most technically difficult.  
4. "Alborada del gracioso" ("The Gracioso's Aubade") - Dedicated to Michel-Dimitri Calvocoressi, Alborada is a technically challenging piece that incorporates Spanish musical themes into its complicated melodies.  
5. "La vallée des cloches" ("The Valley of Bells") - Dedicated to Maurice Delage, the piece evokes the sounds of various bells through its use of sonorous harmonies.  
Pianist: Jean-Efflam Bavouzet  
回覆 (651): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Complete Piano Works of Maurice Ravel  
Which piece you like better?  
回覆 (650): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Ravel piano music is my recent favorite, dreamy, atmospheric, colorful.  
CKM, thanks for warning me of the Ravel Box set I have long neglected. To me, his music is misterious and yet beautiful!  
Took out this box set for a spin that I got more than a decade ago in New York during a business trip. Its Angels, sound a bit on the dark side lor!  
回覆 (649): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Long day and missed the Happy Hour with the gang! Pain in the butt!  
I am sure it just a matter of time when a lot more good high res titles will be made available to the public for download. Perhaps I shall look into what is on the shelves now to get a grip on what is going on 21st century! I am not all that disagree with high tech stuff lor! Especially when good recording CDs are getting hard or even impossible to get my hands on!  
Please keep on sharing with us more on good titles!
回覆 (648): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
I am afraid those are probably not available. Good recordings are extremely limited. Extra caution required gentlemen when putting things into the cart!  
That explains why CAS does not have the respect it should have deserved from die-hard audiophiles.  
回覆 (647): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Du Pre is now gone, yet her impetuous verve lives.  
Absolutely! Pleased to have your sharing on Dvorak Cello Concerto and Du Pre! Wow, wah! Love this combination immensely!  
By the way. can you download the high-res of the Dvorak by M. Rostrovich and Pierre Fournier into your CAS? Both DGG 139044 and 138755 respectively.
回覆 (646): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
謝謝師父,你話靚個的我至有興趣,如果DuPre靚就要定啦。我都係得佢幾張黑膠同cheap CD jar...  
講到lousy我晌香港買左David brubeck 著K2 HDCD,閒直...唔色講啦....不過我係一錯再錯個總,現有三張K2 HDCD, 歌好靚就係搞到鬼五馬六,真慘....  
Have a good week ...
回覆 (645): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
Have a look at this site:  
But mind you, 7 out of 10 are NOT worth buying. Many are lousy. Poor ones I have now include:-  
Time out from Dave Brubeck  
Getz/Gilberto (Girl from Ipanema)  
Hotel California from the Eagles  
Lady in Satin  
Beethoven Sym 1 & 7 by Carlos Kleiber and  
The Planets under Simon Rattle  
For which the red book CD would be better. I suspect they play tricks by up-sampling from the CD and in which case, the results cannot be good.  
回覆 (644): 古典音樂版本比拼擂台
I have been keeping a keen eye on this development for years. Based on listening sessions in the past, however, CAS did not seem to make much progress in terms of musicality that music lovers like us have always treasured and insisted.  
Going into the problem further, I have discovered that it is not the actual format that matters, but the quality of the recordings which determines "make or break". People who pioneered on this project just did not have the right recordings as the reference and hence the sound was anything but right.  
Now as computer technology advances along with good recordings coming into the picture, the situation turns more and more promising. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a large repertoire of music at home but with none of the hassle of storage, constant tweaking and maintenance routines to rob our pleasure off?